dreaming a world

A New World for Black Men and Boys by 2025
by Rhonda Tsoi-A-Fatt

“A world I dream where black or white, whatever race you be, will share the bounties of the earth and every man is free…”

When Langston Hughes penned these words in 1926, I am certain he didn’t envision that 84 years later, the dream would remain unrealized. But here we sit at the dawn of 2011 a nation divided… a nation weakened because black males not able to participate fully in the American dream.

The conversation about the conditions of black males in America is not a new one. Noted scholars and corner philosophers alike have a lot to say about the black male predicament — who they are, how they got there, and why they seem to remain. Most often, the stories that make it to mainstream media paint a grim picture and offer little room for hope or imagining a better day. But I, like Langston, dream of a different world — a world where our black men are healthy and whole. The distance between those two worlds does not have to be as far as we think.

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*Am I alone in hoping this vision also entails addressing the issues of black girls and women?


About jennifer williams

Jennifer D. Williams is a writer and professor of English and Women's and Gender Studies. She has published in academic journals and online at Ms.blog, PopMatters, among other sites. Jennifer is currently working on a book that looks at black women's urban literature between the Depression and the civil rights era.

2 responses to “dreaming a world

  1. What practical suggestions do you have?

  2. Rhonda Tsoi-A-Fatt's article at the Griot actually links to an outline of a strategic plan. I agree with her that an all hands on deck approach is necessary.

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