the african american rosie the riveter

Remembering the African American Rosie the Riveter
by Callie Shanafelt

Now at 88-years-old, Soskin has had time to process her role on the home front during World War II. Despite the great social changes of that time, she still remembers the pain of the discrimination she faced as a black woman.

SOSKIN: We were forced to hire men too old to fight, boys to young to go, women out of their homes disrupting the entire American mystic of what it means to be a man or woman in order to gear up for that great mobilization. Even at that time we were willing to sacrifice on the altar of racial segregation, human potential of a huge, huge percentage of people based upon color.

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Photo Credit: Gordon Parks, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540


About jennifer williams

Jennifer D. Williams is a writer and professor of English and Women's and Gender Studies. She has published in academic journals and online at, PopMatters, among other sites. Jennifer is currently working on a book that looks at black women's urban literature between the Depression and the civil rights era.

2 responses to “the african american rosie the riveter

  1. See I knew if I kept up with this 23 days of Christmas “Blog Your Gift” Challenge …It would be a gift that keeps on giving. Wow am I glad I found you! I search for rosie the riveter for my post but I was specifically looking for a black “rosie the riveter” …I don't see a photo credit here – perhaps I will find it at the link but either way I'm going to credit your blog and link your article.. AND I'm going to follow you…If you have a fan on facebook please shoot me an message at http//:www.facebook/melhopkins1 or melhopkins (at) theleadstory (dot) net)

  2. Glad you found me too Nicky and reminded me to credit that photo, especially since it's by the late great Gordon Parks!

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